\’Get Off\’ Music Festival at 798 Livehouse

16 bands converge on the 798 Art District livehouse for an afternoon and evening of celebration and music. Flea markets, cosplay, and of course a heck ton of bands performing – it\’s a hell of way to spend the holiday.


14:00  The Second Kick
14:30  The Guzzlers
15:00  Huan Fan Chen
15:30  Pati
16:00  Da Lei Yin
16:30  Tan Li Jun&Chaoyangqunzhong
17:00  Next Door Band
17:45  CD Box
18:15  Mr.Honey
19:00  Iron Kite
19:45  Idea Garden
20:15  Windsor Forest
20:45  Self Portrait
21:15  Perpetual Motion Machine
22:15  Steely Heart
23:15  Hoochie Coochie Gentleman

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