Fake Fuzz Fest: Saturday Lineup


While our good friends over at AWEH will be focusing the art side of things for this weekend’s upcoming Fake Fuzz Fest, I’ll be taking a look at the music coming out of DDC over the course of Saturday and Sunday. And note: because we are packing in as much music as possible these shows will be starting early and on time. To keep you fine folks happy, we will have food from Cuju, The Corner Melt, Miss Museli, and Parwaaz. But the music! That’s what I’m here for. So without further a due, let’s take a look at Saturday’s musical offerings

Saturday December 13th

6pm-7pm Da Bang

The indietronica group has gone through many incarnations over the years (remember when they were called Bigger Bang!) becoming one of Modern Sky’s biggest catches. They’ve been building quite the fanbase and recently got in the studio with P.K.14 frontman Yang Haisong, which can only mean good things. However, it was their last show in August (shown above) that solidified the notion that I would need these cats performing at LBM’s next outing.

7pm-8pm Dirty Fingers

I’ve only heard good things about the fresh-faced Shanghai based punk outfit from our own punk afflicted friends and their word is bond. The band will be making their first trip up this weekend and it’s gonna be great to get some of that southern heat in DDC – no holds bar punk with bite. Loud indeed.

8pm-9pm Perpetual Motion Machine

One of my first loves in Beijing, Perpetual Motion Machine move effortlessly between melodic traditional Chinese folk and hard-hitting new wave rock and roll. It’s an intoxicating blend that has won over countless fans – they just released their third album and the band promises their act is louder than ever now. The video above was taken in the summer of 2012 when taking off your shirt was all the craze.

9pm-10pm Luv Plastik x Guiguisuisui

Luv Plastik are hands down one of this year’s unsung heroes – a band that has crack whipped the rock scene into a frenzy. Dan Taylor is a mad man and Dan Lenk has somehow transformed his bass into a glorified sex machine. So what’s gonna happen when they team up with a third Dan, aka Mr. Gaymer, aka Guiguisuisui, the one man 8-bit-stricken bluesmen with a knack for bringing his diddly board on stage. Anarchy at its finest.

10pm-11pm WHAI

Concluding the evening will be the super group WHAI, who have been kicking up a storm in Beijing for years. Trip-hop, avant grade, prog rock – doesn’t matter how you want to label WHAI. Fact is, they melt brains and kick all kinds of ass. Some of the hardest most badass music to found out there. And a perfect bookend to day one of Fake Fuzz Fest.


Stay tuned for a recap of Day 2 of Fake Fuzz Fest!!!

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