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To be honest, I kind of fell into this all – the scene, the website, everything – by accident. In an attempt in impress on a first date, I took a girl to LAN Club, which is basically the most ridiculous and outlandish nightspot I can think of here in Beijing. I heard that Holy Ghost! of DFA records was playing there, so I figured between that and décor out of Alice and Wonderland, I was sure I could get a goodnight kiss. Little did I know that there was a opening act, by some band named Pet Conspiracy. Five minutes later, I was ready to ditch my date and run away with the lead singer, Helen Feng, and the music coming out of those speakers. My mind was literally blown. I didn’t even bother staying for Holy Ghost!

From then on, I slowly immersed myself in the music the capital had to offer. I’ve yet to be disappointed. And it’s only getting better. This site hopes to offer up to date information on live music in Beijing. From listings, to band details, to photos, videos, and interviews, I want to share my love for Beijing’s music scene the only way I know.

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