MV Weekly: City Flanker, Melly Sue

City Flanker – Floating One Night 浮生一夜

Speaking of live recordings, Hangzhou’s City Flanker, known for their retro-futuristic sound is drenched in waves of synths, diving beats, and a ‘neon-lit sense of atmosphere would be right at home prom night circa 1986’ went ahead and put together a live recording of their own, shot just before the Chinese New Year in basement DIY space Suffering Ballroom. Performing songs from their 2020 LP release ‘The Journey to City Flanker’. And yeah it looks like the kind of neon-soaked party I’d want to dance the night away too.

Melly Sue 麦酥 – Love is the Moon

Dream pop vibes on the latest single from singer-songwriter Melly Sue, who’s ‘Love is the Moon’ gets a retro-fitted, French new wave stylized music video. A tapestry of frames that’s a cross between IKEA and Wes Anderson – it’s cute and gets it wistful daydream feeling across nicely – captured in warm-hued colors and grainy film effects. Simple yet effective.

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