MV Weekly: Silly Function, Cephalosis

Silly Function – Stanley Should Be Happy

Rising noise pop act Silly Function, out of Wuhan, show their true colors on the vibrant and delightful animated music video for ’Stanley Should Be Happy’ – the first single off their new EP. No need to dive into specifics as the turmoil and angst our cat hero goes through in the video is all too common for young adults these days. 

冉冉升起的噪音流行新星,来自武汉的Silly Function在其充满活力和愉悦的动画音乐录影《Stanley Should Be Happy》中展现了他们的本色,这是他们新EP中的第一首单曲。无需赘述只因我们的猫主人公在视频中所经历的骚动和焦虑对现今的年轻人来说都已习以为常了。

Cephalosis – Modern Assassination

The past few months have seen a wave of DIY music videos using nothing more than your computer camera – finding innovative ways to utilize the no-frills tool to present your band, music, and image. Case in point: Kunming cold wave duo Cephalosis and their video for their track ‘Modern Assassination’ which essentially tracks the duo’s daily life as it takes on a new life amidst the epidemic. 

最近一段时间,DIY音乐录影带形成一股热潮,大家开始用手头的简易设备进行创意制作。昆明冷潮二人组Cephalosis的新歌《Modern Assassination》mv就以这种方式讲述了他们的日常以及疫情对日常的改变。

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