Struggle Session – Fuck You This Is Hardcore (Beijing/Genjing Records)

Horror 惊 – Be Reborn (Lanzhou/Self-Released)

Tumourboy – Cycle of Human Violence (Beijing/Area Death Productions)

GaiWaEr 街娃 – 看不惯 (Chengdu/Self-Released)

Dashengun 大神棍 – Existing Wonder 现存奇迹 (Shenyang/Self-Released)

Dummy Toys – Lazy Bones (Qingdao/Self-Released)

Explosicum – Living’s Deal (Nanchang/Stress Hormones Records)

Kosmogyr- The Wane (ShanghaixPrague/Self-Released)

DiSanXian –  BURN ! ! ! HENGGANG Streets Burn ! ! ! 横岗街道(Shenzhen/Dying Art Productions)

Jiao 香蕉周刊 – 香蕉樹 (Wuhan/Nasty Wizard Recordings)

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