MV Weekly: Demerit, Truetrue x sususu


Truetrue x sususu –Electric Love

Babel Records – the bubblyelectronic label that’s been slowly making waves across China – continuesfortifying its image with their Valentine’s Day single from producers/singersTruetrue (made up of Eliot Lee and Chuchu Wen) and sususu. It’s a delicious,love-struck Mandopop earworm that’s guided by some killer vocals and aninfectious rhythm. The creators waited till the jam had 300,000 listens onxiami before releasing the video, which considering its only been a month sinceits release, is damn impressive.



Demerit – Do You Smell It?+ Sink or Swim

Demerit, one of the punkscene’s most renowned and respected outfits are back! Though the hardcore punkband has been traveling the world touring, as well as keeping the torch alivefor the next generation of punks with DMC, a music venue opened by lead singer Spikein Qingdao (after closing in Beijing), they have been relatively quiet on thehome front, having not released an album since 2008’s Bastards of the Nation. That is till now. The band will bereleasing their latest Out of the Fognext month and they’ve dropped two singles recently as well as their albumcover, which is animated and explored thoroughly in the above video along withthe hard-hitting lyrics. Good to have you back Demerit!

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