New Releases: Truetrue, Die!ChiwawaDie! x Struggle Session, There Is No Music From China

From synthpop bliss to experimental hijinks, to hardcore mayhem – it’s time to look further into the releases of the summer worth checking out including the latest from Truetrue, a split between Struggle Session and Die!ChiwawaDie! and an experimental compilation. 


With Babel Records’ latest, there’s no doubt that the label has a bright future ahead of them. While the label has mainly been issuing out upbeat kinetic electronic compilations, ASTROLOGY acts a full-length introduction to Truetrue, the collaborative duo of Macao electronic producer Eliot Lee and Boston based composer, vocalist, and producer Chuchu Wen. The two met in the US where they kicked off their collaboration and the result is simply mesmerizing. A synthpop flavored piece of electronica that utilizes its members’ various backgrounds to create a sultry layered R&B love letter that brims with life. One of the best jams this year.




Various Artists – There Is No Music In China

Scour the experimental landscape of music in China with There Is No Music In China – an expansive compilation of Chinese experimental music and sound art compiled by Yan Jun and Zhu Wenbo, two of the most prominent figures of the scene (the cassette is co-release between Zenbo’s Zoomin Night’ and New Zealand label End of the Alphabet). From Ake to Maimai, to Torturing Nurse, to Gao Jiafeng, it’s a who’s who of noise makers and sound explorers, and a fine introduction to the sometimes off-putting but always absorbing genre. As the curators note, sometimes one must jump further and further to find new mountain ranges.


Die!ChiwawaDie! x Struggle Session – Split 12”

Beijing based vinyl label Genjing Records teams up with Guangzhou’s Qiii Snacks Records for an volatile bit of hardcore mayhem – a 12” split between Guangzhou DIY Molotov cocktail sideshow Die!ChiwawaDie! and Beijing multinational fastcore thrill junkies Struggle Session. You know when you have 21 tracks clocking in at less than forty minutes you’re in for a tsunami of cutthroat rock and roll that might just leave you gasping for air and your neck reeling. But damn is it a grand ol’ time. 


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