Interview: Mirrors

‘Dedicated to those who have lost touch with the world, to those who are neither asleep nor awake’ – that’s the logline for Shanghai’s Mirrors 解离的真实’s debut Within An Endless Dream. And they’re not lying […]


Mixtape No. 246

Fake Gentle 假斯文 《日安》 (Chengdu/Cao Tai Music) WaChi 蛙池 《孔雀》 (Dongguan/Self-Released) happy little cat 《Never Mind Still Love u》 (Guangzhou x HK/Self-Released) Kirin Trio 麒麟三重奏 《念旧》 (Xiamen/SJ Records) West By West 西偏西 《Desparate Invitation 欢迎光临》 […]


Mixtape No. 247

NINEONE#, CreamD《Tricky Trick》 FuLai 福来《冰冷热带鱼》 Treasure Hill 宝藏山《卖力舞动》 Zeming Xu feat. Dizkar 地磁卡《Shall I Move to Somewhere Else 要不要我搬到别处去》 P.O.E x RapaciouzC《马》 Straight Fire Gang 直火帮《G.O.A.T》 Indigo Children 深蓝儿童《Blindness 失明日记》 Unusual.怪人 feat. SUNYUHAN 孙语含《I killed […]