2020 Year in Review

It’s hard to forget how much we take for granted the live music experience. China in actuality only suffered three and half months or so of being cut off completely from live music (heck even Chengdu was rolling in club nights by the end of March). In the moment it felt like an eternity, but in the present, it feels like a blip in the system. And compared to the rest of the world, it’s a miracle (or a calculated scheme of mind-boggling order) we made it out in one piece. 

Going to concerts is embedded into the fabric of my life at this point. It’s where I see friends; it’s where I can goof around with my camera. It’s where I can sit in silence and fall back into myself; or where I can cut loose and sweat out all obligations. It’s where I can still be utterly shocked or blind-sided by a band and grinning ear to ear knowing I saw something special. 

I’m not quite sure what my life would be without going to gigs and while I’m sure I’ll find out one day – I’m thankful for the opportunity to head out every weekend into the pit.

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