LBM Mixtape No. 227

  Silly Function-Stanley should be happy (Wuhan/Self-Released) Sonicave – Pictorial Girl (Chengdu/Ruby Eyes Records) Jumping Goat 跳山羊 – 你怎么能够轻易地相信 (Xi’an/Maybe Mars) Young & Dumb 甜又丧 – morning after 宿醉 (Xi’an/Self-Released) Chocolate Factory 巧克力工厂 – 大肚子飞行员 (Shaoxing/Self-Released) Siyu – 浮游 (Guangzhou/Letter Records) Gatsby in a Daze – 夏虫 (Hangzhou/Ruby Eyes Records)


MV Weekly: Chui Wan, Guzz

Chui Wan – Gentle binding Love 缱绻温柔/ Silence Bought the Whole Lake 寂静买下了整座湖 Psychedelic groovers Chui Wan have always been a band content to follow their own wavelength, pushing their esoteric and sometimes downright surreal sound to new territory, all […]