MV Weekly: XTX, Swimful

Swimful – Agony  Take a trip down memory lane with Swimful, as the Shanghai-based producer, alongside guests Yayoyanoh and Organ Tapes, explores the ruins of the legendary and now-defunct Shelter nightclub – the former bomb-shelter […]


LBM Mixtape No. 201

    Pumpkins 小南瓜乐队 – You Paint My Purple Heart Blue (Xinxiang/Ruby Eyes Records) The Sino Hearts – Long Vacation 悠长假期 (Beijing/DOG) Wood Pushing Melon 木推瓜 – 泰山石敢当 (Part 1) (Beijing/Modern Sky) Lamplighters – Sonneteer (Chongqing/Self-Released) Jing 静 – […]