Reaches (USA), L.O.B.I

Visiting artist Reaches (formerly I Love You) brings his unique brand of avant-grade pop , steeping the musical culture of his base, Chicago, in a tie-dyed mess of homebrewed werido vibes. He\’s joined by L.O.B.I – the new electro project of Chen Xi and Xu Bo. 50 RMB […]

IZ, Zhang Dong (Rust, Bacteria)

As an extremely prolific, type style is extremely rich and diverse musicians, Mamer is at the peak of creation, its creation and recording this year into a frenzied acceleration. Mamer and Zhang Dong currently has five bands: IZ, 51 district, rust, bacteria, thieves. Which in addition to the thieves, the other four bands have recently completed a large number of recordings. Where as the \”leader\” of the IZ will launch a new album, \”colorless.\” This is the IZ following the \”2007\”, \”shadow\”, \”echo\” after the fourth album, after also signing Modern Sky Publishing\’s first album, \”colorless\” by Modern Sky label Bad Head sub-publishing, including the 12 IZ boutique. The new album \”colorless\” by the Asian Development Laboratory discography visual design, and for the first time Mamer Kazakh lyrics translated into English. The new album was published by IZ machine, Mamer and Zhang Dong will make a full report on performance in Modernsky Lab dusk and dawn DDC club, they will showcase their two performances by four bands! 60/80 RMB […]