LBM Mixtape No. 117

The Big Wave – Unknown (performs 2.14 at Mao Livehouse)

Hong Qile – baik  (performs 2.18 at Yue Space)

FaTiaoKaMuSuo – 瓦达七 (performs 2.18 at School Bar)

DayDream – i want rock n roll  (performs 2.17 atSchool Bar)

Wang Yawei – 风葬  (performs 2.14 at Jianghu Bar)

Dirty fingers – Ska Jam After Strong Weed  (performs 2.14 at Temple/2.17 at Yue Space)

Next Door Band – 再见18岁 (performs 2.14 at Yugong Yishan)

Li Tieqiao – 内省 (performs 2.18 at Yue Space)

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