Weekend Update 08/19-08/21


One broken phone and many spicy hot pots later – your weekly gig wrangler is back in cozy Beijing ready to unleash this weekend’s onslaught of live music. A weekend that includes numerous album releases, visual-audio performances, anniversaries, and even a bit of cosplay. An intriguing batch indeed – let’s get right into it!

Friday August 19th


Carsick Cars, Hiperson, Zhang Zuo at Yugong Yishan

Maybe Mars’ flagship band, noise rock group Carsick Cars celebrate ten years of surviving the music scene with a blow-out show at Yugong Yishan with support from Chengdu post punk scrappers Hiperson, one of the country’s most promising young bands (I caught them last week in their town). Tears may not be shed, but expect a buttload of Zhongnanhais being tossed around like it was prison orgy. 100 RMB


The Tic Tac (TW), iimmune, thruoutin, VU, Red pores. pomelo at DDC

Beijing/US digital label Seippelabel release their fifth compilation this evening with a stellar supporting lineup from some of the underground electronic scene’s most cunning characters includiZng iimmune and VU. As an added bonus, Taiwanese indie rock outfit The Tic Tac will bring their catchy melodic fuzz worthy sound as an opener. 50 RMB


Birdstriking, JaJaTao, SNSOS, MC Dawei at School

Things get hot and heavy, courtesy of local promoters Cold Neo, with this electric lineup of bands known for their crackling performances including Maybe Mars beloveds Birdstriking, grunge trashers JaJaTao, rap heavy MC Dawei, and post rock serenaders SNSOS. 100 RMB


False Object (UK), Noise Arcade, gogoj at Meridian Space

Will a focus on combining audio and visual mediums in a live performance, Meridian Space will host London based audio/visual duo False Object, soundscaper Noise Aracde, and laptop and electromagnetic pick up artist gogoj. 40 RMB


Bloody Daisy, No Name, All Unknown, Ever Blue, Sky at Mao Livehouse

Break out your best cosplay outfit and head over to Gulou Dongdaije as they host indie pop bands who’ll be trying their hardest to dress up while belting out pop singles. 100 RMB


WHAI at Temple

Electro rock demigods WHAI return to where all lords of the underworld reside – Temple – for an evening of unabashed fun and lunacy. FREE


The Hunters feat. Tash at Jianghu Bar

Expat explosive five-piece continues to receive kudos for combing old school Funk, Soul, and Rock classics with modern hits.60 RMB


V-Day at 69 Café

Brit pop singer songwriters looks to serenade the NGLX fans at the tiny, couch-filled 69 Café. 60 RMB


Tsering Norb at Snail Club

Tibetan singer-songwriter gives an intimate performance at the cozy acoustic heaven Snail Club. 50 RMB


Alexandro Querevalu at Hot Cat Club

Come enjoy the sound of nature with a true Native American musician and multi instrumentalist. FREE

Saturday August 20th


Duck Fight Goose, DOC at Tango

Promising an intense visual performance, the new label to beat in town, D-Force Records, is throwing down hard for the release show for two of their newest accusations, Shanghai’s indie electro rock outfit Duck Fight Goose, and Dalian’s DOC (formerly Doc Talk Shock). Both of their long overdue LPs are ridiculously earworm-worthy – so expect a grandiose show for this one. 120 RMB


The Death Narcissists, Macondo, The Peppercorns at Hot Cat Club

Get rowdy with these whip cracking bands who know how to throw down and bring the rock and roll including grunge-stoner rock magnets The Death Narcissists and power rock trope Macondo. FREE


Heat Mark, Bye Bye Noise, Solaris, Click #15 at School

Super Street Fighter promotion group rounds up some of the scene’s most accessible rockers for an indie rock blast at School including dance punks Heat Mark, neoshoegaze renegades Solaris and the Prince-invoking Click #15. 80 RMB


Chunyang Yao, Shekhinah at FRUITYSPACE

Lijiang composer and electronic musician Chunyang Yao who incorporates everything from electronic noise techniques to the music of her ethnic group, the Naxi, to create what she describes as ‘sound collage and drone’ brings her debut to FRUITYSPACE. 60 RMB


Mengqi, TOW, 工工工 at Meridian Space

‘Multi-layered psychedelic frenzy and all sorts of (re/de)-construction will descend upon Meridian’ as the ever versatile electronic wizard Mengqi joins guitar-bass duo 工工工 and new-on-the-street duo TOW, featuring Liu Ge (the Molds) and Yang Fan (Ourself Beside Me). 50 RMB


Sonic Syndicate (Sweden) at Yugong Yishan

Melodic metal meets hardcore in Sonic Syndicate, the Swedish outfit set to tear down the roof this weekend at Yugong Yishan with their modern take on death metal. 200 RMB


Guo Nian at Jianghu Bar

Folk singer-songwriter with a large fanbase performs at the snug Jianghu Bar. 80 RMB


Kmlzkma, 4 Channel Club, Muren at DDC

8-bit music gets its due at DDC as three of the scene’s best (and possibly only) retro 8-bit electronic fanatics get down and dirty with their Gameboys including 4 Channel Club, Kmlzkma, and Muren. 80 RMB


Magic Mama, Large Magellanic, Banana Fish, Speed of Light at Mao Livehouse

Britpop, funk rock, and emocore – all genres get their play tonight at Mao Livehouse with these eager to please outfits. 80 RMB


Liu Donghong at Mogu Space

Veteran folk singer-songwriter, with a strong element of wary blues, brings his stories and songs to 69 Café’s new digs at Xizhimen – Mogu Space. 60 RMB s


Tavey Lean & the Solid Gold Dream Machine at Temple

One Beijing\’s most lively bands, Tavey Lean & the Solid Gold Dream Machine, bring all their brass and fun times to Temple. FREE

Sunday August 21st


Skin Bad, The Flyx, Shochu Legion at School

Local promoters XinShengLang have come together to book a Sunday evening showcase show for two of the best punk bands in Beijing – the criminally underrated Skin Bad and The Flyx. Put on your game face and get ready to put your fists in the air. 40 RMB


L-Gentlemen, Dream Garden, Summer Warz at ModernSky Lab

Indie pop and then some at Modern Sky’s headquarters with L-Gentlemen, Dream Garden, and Summer Warz bringing the pop punk, Britpop , and bubblegum pop to the masses. 90 RMB


Uncle Hu at Mogu Space

Chengdu raised, Beijing-based indie folk artist, who sounds like an earnest Elliot Smith, takes the stage. 70 RMB


AKA, bestinteam, Saber, N-Bomb, D-OMIE, Iron Fist, Sweater, H.O.U Sky at DDC

It’s a hip-hop fest at DDC as one of the local rap team’s crew prepares to unveil their latest album. 80 RMB


LSD, Los Crasher at Hot Cat Club

Led Zeppelin covers and skin tight jeans – all your classic rock staples on hand at Hot Cat Club this Sunday. FREE


Joan-Trio at Jianghu Bar

Joan-Trio is a project that combines jazz and blues into an infectious concoction that’s too hard to resist. 60 RMB


The Nightcrawlers at Temple

Feel the Chicago blues as The Nightcrawlers get down at Temple to ease away those weekend blues. FREE

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