Weekend Update 这周末: Golden Week Holiday (10.3-10.7)


For all your lovely human beings stuck in the smokestacks of Beijing this holiday — from Gulou-centric festivals to an all day music lovefest at the 798 art district, here are some gigs to keep your head out of the clouds and get that pulse back and running again. Have fun!

Monday October 3rd


Shave-N-Shut, The Demonstrators, The Flyx, Dress Code, Labor or Glory at School

Beijing punk supergroup Shave-N-Shut, one of these year’s rowdiest treats joins an array of punk rockers for some Monday night mischief. 60 RMB


Pit Dahm Trio (Netherlands) at DDC

Based in Amsterdam, the acoustic trio lead by drummer Pit Dahm alongside alto saxophonist Charley Rose and double bassists Lennart Heyndels bring their special mix of composed and free improvised music that touches on everything from classical to heavy metal. 50 RMB


Mr. Honey at Temple

Wild big band ska swingers Mr. Honey, a staple of the scene bring their infectious good times to Temple Bar. FREE


Amorphis (Finland) at Yugong Yishan

From the land of a thousand lakes comes death metal ouytfit Amorphis, whose unique intregration of folk metal doom and avant grade psychedelica will surely have metal fans going ape shit. 320 RMB


Hummingbird, Whisper, Tong, 30 Degrees North at Ao Club

Metal, indie pop, and female led rock outfits – it’s a eceltic mix of genres and styles at the newly revamped Ao Club down in Qianmen. 100 RMB

Tuesday October 4th-Thursday October 6th

CatchUp 鼓楼 Festival at various locations

This holiday week, the online ticket platform showstart is throwing a festival – three days of music, workshops, and other activities across the Gulou District. It kicks off on October 4th at Jianghu Bar and Snail Club as both venues will show films, give flamenco dance lessons before a handful of folk artists perform. On October 5th, things get rowdy as Temple and School give away drinks, have tattoo competitions before some of the scene’s best punk and indie rock bands get down and dirty. Finally on October 6th, it closes out with a big woorah at Yugong Yishan with some big names before the after party at Lantern.

 Complete Schedule 场地活动时间表 


October 4 Jianghu Bar

Independent film screenings: “Warcraft” (13: 00-15: 00)
Performance: Chen Min (volume artist) (15: 10-15: 40)
Flamingo Teaching: Zhao Zhen (16: 10-18: 40)
Folk Performance:
Cui Yuewen (19: 00-19: 50)
Liu Minghan (20: 10-21: 00)

October 4 Snail Club

Independent Film Screening: “Heart Maze” (13: 00-15: 00)
Performance: Zhang Yi Fan + Fang Yue (15: 10-16: 10)
Film Festival: Chen nose (15: 10-14: 50)
Independent Film Screening: “Nirvana Documentary” (18: 10-19: 25)
Folk Performance:
Xiao Pu (19: 50-20: 40)
Ma Xiao (21: 11-21: 50)
Xu Fei (22: 20-23: 00)


October 5 School

Beer Tournament + Tattoo: Tattoo (15: 00-20: 00)
Performance: Zhai Wei + Zhang Chao (volume artist) (15: 00-16: 00)
Punk Performance:
DIDERS (21:00 – 21:50)
Discord (21: 50-22: 40)
Demonstrators (22: 40-23: 30)
Ouch (20: 30-21: 20)

October 5 Temple

Graffiti interaction: MASK (15: 00-17: 00)
Psychedelic performance:
Heat Mark (22: 20-22: 50)
Glow Curve (22: 50-23: 40)
WHAI (23: 40-00: 30)


October 6 YuGong Yishan

Photo exhibition: Zaoxianguan (14: 00-18: 00)
Exhibition: Song Yang Studio (14: 00-18: 00)
Lu Xiansen (20: 05-20: 55)
Poshangcun (21: 10-21: 50)
Black Mint (22: 00-22: 40)
AV Okubo (22: 50-23: 30)
Xinjiekou (23: 40-00: 25)

October 6 Lantern

After party:
Nic (22: 00-23: 30)
WaterMelon (23: 30-01: 00)
Pei (01: 20-03: 10)

¥ 60 Advance ticket (single day) ¥ 80 Live ticket (single day) ¥ 150 Advance ticket (3-day pass)

Tuesday October 4th


Death Narcissist, By Dream, Last Goodbye, The 16th Floor at School

A stellar lineup featuring some of this year’s best new finds including stoner punk trio Death Narcissist, post rockers By Dream and The 16th Floor and psychedelic shoegazers Last Goodbye. If you’ll looking for the next big thing this ain’t a bad place to start. 50 RMB


Los Crasher, Gears of War, Ephemerality, Drunkard, Dr. V.agent, xxitneverhappenedxx at 798 Livehouse

Things get heavy at 798 Livehouse as hardcore, metal, grunge, and 80s hair rock and roll join forces for a festive afternoon showcase at the art district. 100 RMB


Napoleon (UK) at 13 Club

British avant grade metal core outfit Napoleon look to invade your ears as the band makes a pit stop at the Wudaoku music hub as part of their China tour. 120 RMB


Cui Longyang, Day Day Cherry, 0190, By Dream at Mao Livehouse

Snotty pop punk, post rock burrowers, and indie folk as four up and comers take the stage at the Gulou venue. 80 RMB


OOC, vv, Daya at DDC

Folk flavored indie pop, grungey blues rock, and electronic beats to keep the audiences moving, it’s a National Day hoedown at DDC. 60 RMB


Blackwater at Temple

Blackwater are the real Irish deal. Authentic celtic rock and roll led by charismatic grizzle of Desmond McGarry that goes down as smooth as Jameson. FREE


Yawei at Mogu Space

Enjoy some acoustic ballads and soul warming folk courtesy of Wang Yawei this evening at the Xizhimen venue. 60 RMB


Uighur Sama at Modernista

A mixture of traditional Arabic songs and lively Spanish rumba classics, with lyrics both in English and Uyghur, Uighur Sama continue bringing the energetic sounds of Xinjiang to China´s capital. FREE

Wednesday October 5th


Suijichen, Soul Mate, Time Street, Pon, Thank Ray, Pati, Ma at Mao Livehouse

It’s a packed house tonight at Mao as they round up every young ruffian out there to play to our heart’s desires – from the 8-bit emo rock of Time Street to the new wave indie rock of Pati – there’s a bit of something for everyone. 100 RMB


Liu Jian at Snail Club

Autumn tales, and stories of blossoming hearts – just another acoustic session at the cozy Snail Club. 40 RMB


DDC Grand Jam at DDC

DDC continues it’s (now) bimonthly Wednesday jam which have in a short amount of time became one of the hottest events at the venue – countless musicians of all ilk, and brews galore – it’s an unpredictably groovy time where anyone and anything can happen. FREE

Thursday October 6th


The ‘Get Off’’ Music Festival at 798 Livehouse

16 bands converge on the 798 Art District livehouse for an afternoon and evening of celebration and music. Bands include such greats like new wave punk outfit Steely Heart, the flavorsome rock trio Perpetual Motion Machine, big band ska masters Mr. Honey, blues rock veterans Hoochie Coochie Gentlemen and much much more. Expect flea markets, cosplay, and of course a heck ton of bands performing – it’s a hell of way to spend the holiday. Kicks off at two in the afternoon. 150 RMB


Closet Disco Queen (Swenden), Last Goodbye at Temple

Swiss experimental progressive duo bring some 70s inspired psychedelic kraut rock n roll to Temple alongside fresh on the scene (and already killing it) Last Goodbye. FREE


The Dice!, Chinese Prickly Ash at fRUITYSPACE

Noise space rock duo The Dice return after a long hiatus and they’ll be teaming up with the new experimental rock duo Chinese Prickly Ash for some offbeat mayhem. 40 RMB


The Beauty, EXBJ, Half Half, Streams of Life, Hangnail at School

Young up and comers rock it out and then some at School. 60 RMB


Lucifer & Carl, The Felling Tree, 卧虎藏龙at DDC

Americana rhythms, sax-led blues featuring frontman Lucifer, and the latest megagroup – it’s an packed house this evening at DDC with some the scene’s hardest working musicians. 40 RMB

Friday October 7th


Biggaton (Jamaica), UBC at Hot Cat Club

Catch the socially conscious empowering reggae tunes of Jamaican legend Biggaton as he performs alongside local reggae trope UBC at the Hot Cat Club. 90 RMB


Scott Henderson Trio (USA) at Mao Livehouse

Fusion, funk, and blues rock guitar master performs at Mao Livehouse alongside his trope as part of the Sound Lab series which strives to host some of the world’s greatest jazz musicians. 300 RMB


Echo Orchestra at Jianghu Bar

Contemporary world musicians Echo Orchestra brings listeners are a trip through chinese rhythm and melodies over to Jianghu. 60 RMB


Gulaza (Yemen) at DDC

Get cultured with Gulaza, who are versed in the practice of Yemenite Women songs – ‘mystical texts that have passed for centuries from mother to daughter acquire a modern and contemporary meaning in a special instrumental composition’ using a combination of traditional Saharan strings, cello and acoustic guitars.


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