Weekend Update 这周末 03/03-03/05

With February just a distant memory its time to roll out the main course with a massive helping of gigs, showcases, and escapades on the menu this weekend. Electronic tomfoolery, big indie sounds out of Japan, and even a few releases to get revved up about – it’s looking like March is getting off to a good start.



Mr. Honey, Los Crashers, Ramblin’Roze, Elenore and ByebyeNoise at Mao Livehouse

For those looking for a bit of that crunchy LA and Manchester sound – Mao Livehouse is hosting some of the hardest influenced rockers out there. From the loose bluesy rock of Los Crasher to the new wave britpop aplomb of Elenore, to even the swing-infused big band fun of Mr. Honey, there’s a lot of eras receiving fair play here. 100 RMB


Braids (Canada) at DDC

Montreal three piece shoegaze art rock outfit bring their Juno Award winning sound which combines ‘stunning vocals, powerful drumming, and tasteful electronics, warped and sewn together with widescreen warmth and full-bodied punch’ to DDC – color me intrigued. 120 RMB


WHAI, 16 mins, By Dream at Temple

WHAI is back folks – and they’ve brought a few friends with them this time round including indie alt rockers 16 mins, fresh off a strong 2016, and By Dream, the post rockers looking to hit it big this year. FREE


Wu and the Side Effects at Jianghu Bar

Unsung heroes of the blues rock scene, Wu and the Side Effects are set to release their second album this coming year – but before then they’ll be bringing it tonight at Jianghu Bar where they’ll ‘fuse blues, funk, rhythm and gospel’ together into a wicked concoction. 60 RMB


The Lake, Rhythm Traveller, Zhang Ling, Churen Huaiyu, Li Guoliang, Liu Shang, Little Wave Organization, Hou Muren at Yue Space

Hit up Yue Space for this epic charity event geared toward hearing impaired children around China – with a slew of acts ranging from indie pop outfit The Lake to singer-songwriter Liu Shang, as well as an array of child acts, expect a packed house donating to a good cause. 100-160 RMB


4 Channel Club, anxt, Fei Jiao at fRUITYSPACE

Get loose with these ‘off the beaten track’ electronic artists including 8-bit soundscaper 4 Channel Club, field recording laced hip-hop courtesy of anxt (of Macondo), and the lead singer of the Peppercorns who’ll hopefully be bringing his theremin. 50 RMB


Rookiez is Punk’d (JP) at Yugong Yishan

Japanese artists Rookiez is Punk’d are, as their name implies, a punk band. The band hit their big break in 2010, when one of their songs was featured in the anime Headless Knight, Different Smell. They’ve been going strong ever since, touring around the world and bridging the anime and punk communities. 200 RMB


Fathoms (UK) at School

UK metalcore band Fathoms have been riding strong since their formation in 2010 and the five piece isn’t showing any signs of slowing down as they embark on an eight city tour of China. With already plenty of street cred back at home and aboard expect them to tear down the house. 100 RMB


December3am at Mogu Space

December3am has a style that’s best described as experimental krautrock. The duo is made up of members of the Inner Mongolian folk rock outfit Horse Radio, and their music is dark, hauntingly beautiful, and unpredictable and frankly, unlike anything you’ve heard before. 66 RMB


Goodbye Sunset, Time So Fast, Lucky & Kiss, Lost in Space, Streams of Life at 13 Club

Core Alliance shows off their best artists at the Wudaoku center for music with a hefty lineup featuring hardcore, punk, and fast paced metal that’ll surely have the kids rocking late into the night. 80 RMB


1099 (Norway) at Modernsky Lab

Norwegian post-rock group 1099 kick off their first, nine-city Chinese tour at Modern Sky Lab. ‘Instrumental music that melds earthshaking bass and melancholy topline’ you know where to find the post rock kids tonight. 100 RMB


L+R, J.R.G, Hielektromen, Beijing Eastside Jam Squad at REC Room

A bit of underground electronica sneaking into our update – over in Sanlitun local label Ran Music present their latest comp with some of the best house and techno producers including live sets from L+R, J.R.G, Hielektromen, and Beijing Eastside Jam Squad. FREE


Kuso Eyes, X-Summer, Cha at Mars Club

Rock it out with the beautiful students of the Communications University as the freshly minted Batong line venue hosts a trio of up and coming rockers including the melodic emo rockers Kuso Eyes. 3 RMB


An Sangjie, Yi Latu at Music Barn

The Music Barn just a bit east of Tuanjiehu, presents an evening of traditional Tibetan and Mongolian folk music, performed by Tibetan singer An Sangjie, known as the ‘king’ of Tibet, and Yi Latu, a master qin player. New digs, good gig – count me in. 60 RMB


Zhang Qianqian at 69 Café

Veteran sing-songwriter Zhang Qianqian, a staple of the folk scene since her debut in 1996, gives a special showcase courtesy at 69 Café. 80 RMB



The fin (JP) at Yugong Yishan

Tooted as ‘one of the most exciting indie bands to emerge out of Japan’ The fin are indeed a band that seems destined to find global success. With a sound that’s a cross between Phoenix and Toro y Moi – a intoxicating blend of synth-pop, chill wave and dream pop – the young band has been making headway since their appearance at SXSW last year and are hitting up Beijing in support of their latest release Through the Deep. 150 RMB


LaiSee, Gum Bleed, The Twenties, The Diders, Secret Club, The Hotline at School

Local label and promotion group D.O.G. return with their stockpile of bands and are ready to tear School Bar a new one with an explosive lineup featuring all your favorites – punk heroes Gum Bleed, 90s alt garage rockers The Twenties, hardcore ruffians Laisee and much more. Expect an evening of debauchery as per usual. 100 RMB


The Paper Tigers, INXU, Feng Di, OOC at DDC

One of Beijing’s best kept secrets, The Paper Tigers, will celebrate the release of their first single and accompanying music video with a supporting hand from some hard hitting bands including post rock soundtrackers INXU, hard rock rocketeers OOC, and more. 60 RMB


The Mountain High, Hegjitu at La Plantation

The folk music of the US mountains meets the Mongolian grasslands as Appalachian roots explorers The Mountain High team up with the original horse-head fiddler of Hanggai and frontman for Ajinai, Hegjiltu, to play an all-acoustic show blending the two traditions. Sounds pretty awesome to me. 150/200 RMB


thruoutin, Major at REC Room

Some more underground electronica to dip your toes in. Day two of Ran Music’s release party in Sanlitun – the evening includes live sets from thruoutin, Major, and more in support of the label’s latest sexy compilation. FREE


Die From Sorrow, Darknage, Ephemerality, Nuclear Fusion, The Uncrowned at Mao Livehouse

Metal heads be getting some at this earth-shattering line-up at Mao with headliners Growing Calamity joining Die From Sorrow, Darknage, Ephemerality, Nuclear Fusion and The Uncrowned for a night of dark and violent heavy metal that may just give you the willies. 130 RMB


NZT, Zhen Ren, Better Off Alive at Hot Cat Club

Justin Richardson, whose been active in the scene in China for nearly twenty years, will screen a trailer for his new zany TV series about the scene, Subtrainian, at Hot Cat Club alongside live performances from NZT, Zhen Ren, and Better Off Alive. FREE


Wu Ning Yue at Snail Club

Frontman for Ningxia folk rock legneds Buyi goes solo at the acoustic hideaway Snail Club for a concert in honor of man’s best friend. Performance fees will go toward supporting legislation against the sale of dog and cat meat for human consumption, and as well as providing homes for Beijing’s homeless dogs and cats. Expect warm banter and even warmer folk tunes. 80 RMB


Yang Lang Lang & The Frogs at Jianghu Bar

Well-known singer, composer and lyricist, who’s worked with Chinese pop royalty in his past life, appears on stage in support of his new solo album, Big World, with back-up band The Frogs. 60 RMB


Zhang Zhi, Xiao Pu, Li Jin, Jasmine Monk at Modernsky Lab

Some urban folk heavy hitters take the stage tonight at Modernsky Lab including Xinjiang musician Zhang Zi, whose world music with the Travellers has won much acclaim as well as Xiao Pu, Li Jin, and Jasmine Monk. 100 RMB


Windsor Forest, Mr. Freedom, Time Capsule, Rhythm Traveler at Mars Club

Mars Club gets down with some of the hottest bands in the indie pop scene including urban folkster Windsor Forest, Belgian-Chinese rockers Mr. Freedom, the dreamy Time Capsule, and guitar keyboard duo Rhythm Traveller. 80 RMB


Carlo, Ani and Nick at 69 Café

American guitarist and indie rocker Carlo (The Harridans, Djang San) is joined by Swiss singer-songwriter and guitarist Ani, and retro, psychedelic loving Nick Parsons. 66 RMB


Gong Zhao, Xiao Su, Qi Ming at Mogu Space

A night of indie ballads from these female champs including Miss Mix lead singer Gong Zhao. 66 RMB


??? \\ !!! \\ $$$ at fRUITYSPACE

The poster says it all. Enter at your own risk. FREE



A.Borealis, Wang Shengnan, Jordan Darling, Ani, Oldy Baby, Inko di Ö, Sofia Huang, Joy Stuhr, Djang San at DDC

Handicrafts, jewelry, poetry, story telling, art performances, and live music – where else can you have it all than DDC where the eighth edition of ‘An Art Show’ takes place with an array of performers of all ilk joining female entrepreneurs and poets in celebration of the upcoming Women’s Day. 60 RMB


Rhonda, D.CORTISOL, Star at Temple

Temple shakes things up this Saturday with some fresh faces, like the mysterious experimental posters D.Cortisol, alongside sharp instrumentalists Rhonda and more. FREE


Asaka Pharmacy, Gentle Grapes, Glasses Man of Song Dynasty, MC Webber at School

Celebrate Jingzhe aka the beginning of Spring with this slick lineup featuring some of the scene’s up and comers, who made not be household names now, but are already proving their worth including scrappy indie rockers Asaka Pharmacy. 80 RMB (w/ beer)


Bluso Rap Team, Longjin, T.O.B, Mr. Honey at Yue Space

Reggae meets hip hop with this spring welcoming, red hot lineup featuring swing favorites Mr. Honey, reggae pop outfit Longjin, rap collective Bluso and more. Sounds like a proper winter send off. 80 RMB


Read, Floating, Diffuse, My Friend at Modernsky Lab

Beijing University of Technology in da house!!!!! Support some homegrown university talent as four bands take the stage this afternoon performing everything from folk rock to violin-infused experimentalism. 50 RMB


Yi Chen, Xin Yi at Mogu Space

Known for their brisk tempos and rich melodies join Yi Chen, lead singer and guitarist of the band V89 and Xin Yi, the lead singer and guitarist of Lattice at the Xizhimen space. 60 RMB


Fofox, Qi Ming, Zin, Ho Nam at 69 Café

69 Café hosts a Sunday folk night with four great artists whose influences include Leonard Cohen, Nick Drake, and Bach. 60 RMB


Vatican Ink at Snail Hostel

Together since 2008, when they released their first single and online hit ‘Sad Canon’, indie rockers Vatican Ink appear at Snail Hostel. 80 RMB

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