Upcoming: Mini Dongpai Folk Festival


UPDATE: According to BeijingDaze it looks like the festival has been cancelled last minute….bit of a shame – was looking mightily looking forward to it.

I remember speculating last year after Hanggai’s outdoor performance why Dos Kolgeas get the music outside more often. Well, my prayers have been answered as last year’s Ditan Folk Festival has been relocated this year, with a move from the scenic Ditan Park to the one and only Dos Kolegas with the new title The Mini Beijing Dongpai Folk Festival. Two days of folk music explored in a variety of genres, both indoors and outdoors, with food, drinks, and (hopefully) sun. Heck, Dos Kolegas’ lawn is just as good a substitute for any park here (seriously – they’re nothing to rave about) and atmosphere-wise, well, you can’t beat Dos Kolegas. Good vibes all around – it’s gonna be a merry good time one way or another, and a great chance to relax, kick back, take in some pristine music, and enjoy the weather. So this Saturday and Sunday, May 11th and 12th, starting at 2pm, get your ass over to Dos Kolegas. Tickets are 80/100 RMB (presale/door) for a single day and 150 RMB for two days. Oh and students – you get in for 60 RMB. Click below for the two day lineup.


Saturday, May 11


Outdoor Stage

Hoochie Coochie Gentlemen


Zhao Xianlei

Djang San

Wang Jiani

Xiao Meng

Mademoiselle et son Orchestre


Inside Stage

Randy Abel Stable

Xuan Nan

The Swamp (Armenia)


Zhang Jianyu

Brit Box


Sunday, May 12

Outdoor Stage

Noukila (Mauritius)

Li Dong


Kamila Nasr (Canada)

Ding Yuan

Zhang Jing

Blackwater (Ireland/Australia)

Liu Yusi

Indoor Stage

The Beijing Beatles

Deel Guik

Nicolas (Greece)

Mirror Garden

Xu Shao

Echo Orchestra

Location: 21 Liang Ma Qiao Lu

(inside the Maple Drive-In movie theater complex)

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