Upcoming: China Music Valley Festival


While most of us are still bummed about not having MIDI or Strawberry in Beijing this holiday season, there is a sliver lining of hope for all you outdoorsy festival goers – the China Music Valley Festival will go on without a hitch. Whether or not it’ll be worth any of your time – well, that’s for you lucky few to found out. My rule of thumb: festivals will suck one way or another if you let them. So stop bitchin and make that festival your bitch. Bring that bottle of Tequila; bring a tent for some serious make-out sessing; put on obscene body paint to get the family attendees to run for cover. And laugh at the bad music, and flip your shit when they put on your jam. Here’s the schedule (with thankfully only two stages) of the China Music Valley Festival which will be held from May 1st-3rd at Yuyang Ski Resort outside of Beijing.


What: China Music Valley Festival

When: Friday, May 1st – Sunday, May 3rd

Where: Yuyang Ski Resort

Festival Buses: Beijing Language University/Dongzhimen Subway Station (every 30 minutes)

Public: No.852 bus at Dongzhimen Bus Terminal and get off at Century Plaza (世纪广场) in Pinggu, then take a local taxi to Yuyang Ski Resort

Price: 150 (advance) 180 (door) 350 (three day pass)


 May 1st

Music Valley Stage

14: 00 Candy Monster

15:00 Chasing Stars

16:00 Red Berry

17:00 Jane + Hi School

18:30 Catcher in the Rye

19:50 Hao Yun

21:10 Mystery Guest

Young Pioneer Stage

14:30 China Modern Guys

15:30 The Eat

16:40 Ember Swift

17:50 Poshangcun

19:10 Carsick Cars

20:30 Gao Qi and Overload

May 2nd

Music Valley Stage

14: 00 Steely Heart

15:00 Elenore

16:00 Cheng Chen

17:10 Mosaic

18:30 Namo

19:50 Black Panther

21:10 Sun Nan


Young Pioneer Stage

14:30 BusanBusi

15:30 Paper Memory

16:40 Jess Meider feat. Chinatown

17:50 CNdY

19:10 Life Journey

20:30 Reflector

May 3rd

Music Valley Stage

14:00 Larry’s Pizza

15:00 Anzi and 9mei

16:00 Perpetual Motion Machine

17:10 Nova Heart

18:30 Cool (冷空气乐队)

19:50 Sitartan

21:10 The One

Young Pioneer Stage

14:30 The Holiday

15:30 Bye Bye Noise

16:40 We Are Not Invited

17:50 Twinkle Star

19:10 Ma Tiao

20:30 Hanggai

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