Upcoming: Beijing Electronic Music Encounter 2012


Electronic music is a board field – that’s for sure – you really never know what you’re gonna get. You might find yourself dancing like a madmen one moment, only to be stuck moments later in a drone-like daze as the music wiggles its way into your eardrums doing much more than simply getting your feet moving. It’s a category of music I really do find fascinating though I never get out enough to see it first-hand. Well thank the lords for Metrowaves and XP, who are collaborating on a 3-day event full of electronic goodness – the Beijing Electroinic Music Encounter. This is exactly the kind of event that’s a great jumping off point for seeing the ins and outs of the electronic music scene here in Beijing, and if you even have the slightest interest in what electronic music has to offer you shouldn’t miss this.

Meeting over three days at various locations, including XP, Dada, and Zajia Lab, BEME will be held Oct. 19-21with over 20 live performances. Here’s the schedule, courtesy of Pangbianr, who have more details.

FRIDAY 10/19

Main Show: XP 7pm-midnight

Mu Xiaohu + Liu Yiwei



Gan Jian

Afterparty: Dada till late

Green Monkey

Mu Xiaohu + Liu Yiwei


Dead J


Main Show: XP 7pm-midnight

Dead J




SUNDAY 10/21

‘Talk & Play’ Session at XP 3pm-6pm

Leo de Boisgisson, Nevin Domer, Xiao Lin Feng, 张守望 (Zhang Shouwang), 邵彦棚 (Shao Yanpeng), 张有待 (Zhang Youdai), Josh Feola, Markus M Schneider 和宾客 & guests.

BEME 2012 invites for an open afternoon session in a new format. ‘Talk & Play’ invites artists, guest & audience to discuss the current landscape of urban music culture in Beijing and to actively participate with short musical performances in free formats. The audience is invited to take part both with words & sounds.

Evening Ambient Session: Zajia Lab 7pm-midnight

Hong Qile
Shi Yang

Price: 50 RMB each night

Oh, and also, 15 RMB Slow Boat Beer at XP all weekend – hells yes. Here’s a few samplings of what to expect.

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