OTS: The Observatory (SP), Chui Wan, Snapline (Mao 23.04.2015)


Finally got back on the horse that is editing and have already run into my first big hurdle. And I couldn’t be happier. Seriously was starting to get bored tossing together these two-camera shoots all willy nilly. So when I noticed that I had completely deleted (misplaced) my wide shot for Chui Wan’s set, I was forced to (after throwing a temper tantrum involving flipped chairs, of course) come up with a solution. Said solution — lay on the psychedelica. Which thankfully, Chui Wan, who were on point this particular evening, provided in droves.

Besides catching Chui Wan, before they headed out on their first American tour, I had the privilege of catching Singaporean avant grade psych rockers The Observatory, who provided some heavy heavy sounds. The evening was rounded out by Snapline, getting weird as usual – have no idea where they’re taking their sound, but color me intrigued. All in all, a solid kickass lineup at Mao Livehouse. Check out a heck ton more videos and pictures below.
































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