OTS: The Dyne, white +, Chui Wan (21.12.2013)


Gotta give VICE credit, son of bitches sure know how to throw a show – between one of their staff ‘secretly’ giving out jello shots, to the neon-infused giant posters, heck, I swear they even had a hype man amongst the crowd up front, rallying audiences to get their asses moving (something I’ve definitely have attempted to do though minus the charm) – the magazine was undeniably looking to make a statement at Yugong Yishan. And with a stellar lineup that included some the scene’s most exciting acts including The Dyne, white +, Chui Wan, as well as The Big Wave and Canadian electro monsters Holy Fuck! they earned it.

Here’s to bang up job from VICE, and more importantly to these bands who have been killing all year thus far. Check out more below. And kudos to Live Music Night for the photos as I can\’t seem for the life of me remember to take pics.

What can I say, The Dyne are the rookies of the year in my book. Ever since I first caught them in Shanghai back in April, I’ve been addicted to their sound. Surf rock with cowboy grit.

Even if they have to keep up with a pre-recorded bass line, there’s a menace to these two that’s simply racy. Might have to wear a bra next time, just so I can throw in onstage in a feat of ecstasy. Really, is that so much to ask for?


white + continues to morph their two man live electronica act in something bigger. Watching these two up the scales is mesmerizing; one has to wonder if they’ll eventually hit a wall.

And though they were a few times where they didn’t deliver on the ‘drop’ (white+ can be the biggest teases sometimes) their sets are becoming symphonies of adrenaline-drenched music. Bring it.

Before, my trembling hands gave in, audiences got a taste of Chui Wan (already on their second performance at Yugong this weekend) and their muddy psychedelic rock and roll.

Chui Wan has always been about mood first and foremost, and it’s good to see they’ve yet to compromise their sound – amd by the looks of the listeners, they were trapped in their trance.


And while my camera didn’t bother to capture Holy Fuck! or The Big Wave, both were spot on, especially the latter who are turning out to be one my favorite bands of the year. But more on that next week.

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