OTS: SUBS (Temple 06.12.13)


So I’m been siting on these videos for a few weeks now contemplating whether or not I should upload them – video is fine, but as sometimes is the case, the audio just doesn’t cut it. I suppose leaving your recorder on top of a table in Gulou’s rowdiest joint is asking for trouble. Alas, I couldn’t deprive myself any longer, so here ya go – SUBS kicking all sorts of ass at Temple, which also was drummer Carl’s last night with the band. Farewell, you burly Aussie.

Not a bad way to good out. Check out more below, including some close-ups of Carl’s chiseled bod. And again, sorry for the dumpster chute audio.


Well many claim that SUBS have lost some of their spunk since cutting down to a three-piece unit and adding in a keyboard, I’m hesitate to jump on that wagon just yet. It’s a change for sure, one that needs fine-tuning here and there (nothing kills momentum like sitting in front of a keyboard) but change is good, change is intriguing, and whatever hardcore punk rage Kang Mao and company had in spades before is simply being filtered through different lens, albeit more accessible lens.

As far as I’m concerned, SUBS is going the extra mile now, and haters be damned – with Carl out, and the band in the final stages of releasing their newest album, 2014 could be an interesting year for SUBS. Keep your eyes peeled. And be sure to check out Live Music Night\’s pics over here – you had a much better time capturing Kang Mao\’s theatrics.

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