OTS: Little Monster, Nico & the Nicos (Temple 03.02.2016)


A little pre-Chinese New Year fun courtesy of some of Shanghai’s most fearless (i.e. crazed) musicians and Beijing’s own stock of weirdos. Little Monster, is the duo of Alex (drummer for Dirty Fingers) and F (former Pairs guitarist) whose raucous vocals and ferocious drumming give noise rock a swift kick to the nuts. Fast and furious hailstorms of sound that decimate your ears. Their set only lasted eighteen minutes but I’ll be lying if I said I wasn’t craving more.

Rounding out the good times were Nico & the Nicos, the latest band to give famous singles of yesteryears a full-embodied Cronenberg makeover. Kinda like Jeff Goldblum in the The Fly. With more sax. Check below for more pics and vids.

























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