OTS: Gulou Double Decker #4 (Never Before, Sleep Paralysis, Fratricide)


Alright, time to start rolling out all the footage I\’ve been sitting on for the past month. Gulou Double Decker — yup, still doing those. And still loving it. For May, we crank up the intensity at Temple by inviting high octane sludge metal outfit Never Before, grunge-filled alt rockers Sleep Paralysis (now called Baxian Chophouse), and Fratricide, who whipped out a crazed, ludicrous, unrehearsed (?), guitar-drum set. Righteous indeed. Baxian Chophouse are slowly proving themselves this summer – a fine addition to the indie rock circuit with more than enough bite. And Never Before pretty much slammed the gantlet down and how I like my hard rock. Fast and furious, jagged yet with enough theatrically to keep the blood flowing.

Bomb. Check out more pictures below the break.




















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