OTS: Dirty Fingers, Split Pants, JaJaTao (Temple 28.09.2016)


Shanghai was all over Beijing last month, as band after band made their way to the charm, grime and bustle of our fair city, with one thing in mind, to rock their way into our hearts. Like punk ruffians Dirty Fingers, who were gracious enough to stick around for a week for a stint of shows. Seems Beijing couldn’t get enough of them and for good reason – they’re not many punk bands with the sheer audacity to turn it up to eleven every single time out.

I’ll say it again and again – these guys are the real deal – a red-hot mess of guts and glory that simply ignites. Unless they ride to close to the sun, expect to see these cats being talked about a lot in the next couple years. That wasn’t all the Shanghai that Temple had in store – Split Pants, the alt folk brotherly duo, formed from the ashes of Stegosaurus? (remember them!) had some acoustic, delay-heavy folk tunes with a devilish heart. Loved the dark undertones. Not quite what you’d expect. Finally, JaJaTao stepped in to show how’s it’s done in Beijing – which evidently means wool cardigans and lots of brass. Love em. Check out some more pictures below.





















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