On The Scene: Temple 27-04-2013


Peanut butter and jelly. Batman and Robin. Buttcracks and plumbers. Jailbait and raves.  And The Devils  and Temple. There’s nothing quite like an all-out rager with the indisputable rock and roll lovers at the indisputable rock and roll safe haven. Cause deep down we all got a little love for the devils\’ music.

And obey we will. There was plenty of worship, sacrifice, and whiskey to go around as The Devils at the Crossroad showcased their latest with the release of their first record under Scream Records, appropriately entitled Moonshine XXX. Some things just don’t change. And let’s hope it stays that way.


The Devils came out guns a blazin tonight, presenting a whole slew of new jams. Still gotta say it – these three know how to enrapture a crowd.

From Joris’s rich distinctive whiskey gargoyle of a voice, to Marco’s calm demeanor on bass, even Cedric’s ‘take out years of pent up anger on the drums’ skills, the three’s onstage antics haven’t evolved one bit. But what has though is their presence in sound – they really have gone back to the root of rock and roll.

No bullshit, no feedback, just tightly wound heavy crunchy tunes that never overstay their welcome. Some could argue that’s not much of a feat, but seriously it’s refreshing to hear music that’s knows its audience.


And yes, tonight was just as much about the audience as it was about the Devils. The boy and and girls who have tagged Temple their home away from home, the one place where they can cut loose, look like a fool, throw back some drinks, and, corny as it may be, feel like a family. Heck, just check out BeijingDazer Badr rip it up on stage for ‘Overkill’ and try not to check a smile.

By the time the two hours were up, everyone was on stage to savor the devil’s music, at least for one night only. That my friends is the beauty of the Devils and Temple.

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