On The Scene: Temple 03-02-2012


After an enchanting ‘eye-popping’ evening a few weeks back with Temple and its couches, I’ve slowly been turning the Gulou venue into my ‘go-to-spot’. With a consistent line-up of fresh talent, with shows that are almost always free, a friendly atmosphere, good location – hell, I can go on with the number of things Temple does right. Simply put, they’re busting their ass off and it showing. So it was only fair that for the first week after Chinese New Year, they hosted the heavily mobile Devils at the Crossroad, who have been everywhere the past couple months – simply put, busting their ass. 


Oh, and it shows – fast and furious, Devils at the Crossroad’s hard, glazed over, blues-infused rock is hard to hate. Now, while the Devils may not be reinventing the wheel here, what they do they do very well. With a lead singer who huffs and puffs, gleeful in his maliciousness, with a lean guitar in tow, and tight support from slick bass and heavy drums, there is a relentless momentum to the songs, that instinctively forces your hair to fall over your eyes and make your head bop up and down.


All in all, Devils at the Crossroads is brash, aggressive, but most importantly a blast, one that calls for tequila shots all round. Here’s to hoping these boys continue doing the devil’s work. Check out two more of their songs below.


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