On The Scene: Mao Livehouse 29-06-2012


Mao Livehouse knows how to get down…there is a youthful energy to the joint that rarely any of the venues capture. Much of this is thanks to the hordes of young local kids who come to rally on their bands and friends, but it’s also due to just how efficient and fluid everything works there (minus the alcohol which I still refuse to pay for, but that’s just me) – from the sound system, to the organizers, and lastly to the bands, who more often than not here, give it all they got. And when you have a trinity of hard-working, genuine, straight up fun without any pretentious, bands who know how to put on a set, then you can see why the joint is constantly packed with people looking for a good time. This was definitely the case tonight as Devils at the Crossroad, Bad Mamasan, and Jacky Danny (I missed the headliner, Demerit, and Los Crasher due to a brutal morning ahead) feed the hungry crowd.


Being the opening band can be a buzzkill for any band, especially when that slot begins as early as 9pm. But if there’s anyone who can open a show it’s definitely those Devils.

From the get go had the audience hooting and howling with delight as their played through their infectious blues-infused, stoner heavy, mischievous rock n’ roll (if I’ve learned anything with these guys it’s that sometimes it’s best to forget about trying to come up with a label) that’s comes at you like a freight train steaming downhill.

It’s pure rock n’ roll and they know how to wield it. There’s an awareness up there that’s just so fun to watch, as they cut through their rum-soaked numbers, growl at the crowd, get imitate with their instruments,


with Marco caressing his bass with the ease of a pedophile while Cedric throws some domestic abuse toward those drums, keeping the momentum on a constant high. Insanely addicting – just like Joris’s stare down – sometimes you just can’t quit them.

Satan’s behind these boys and I’m sure we’ll see these boys truckin’ for sometime.


Next up, was Bad Mamasan – this being my first stroll with them I didn’t know what to expect, but boy these guys sure know how to pull the fun out of metal.

Reminiscent of many eighties metal groups these bad mamas have a love of the genre that is so genuine and pure, that I found myself envious of the trio, mainly due the sheer size of their testicles throughout their performance – almost to the point of distraction. Their guys don’t mess around.

Slick, fast and furious, these bang busters were giving it to the crowd. And yes, I do like to eat pussy after I fight, thanks for asking.


Now this was a band I was ready to write off in an instant based on appearance – I’m sure I was saying under my breath, “Geez, another 80s tribute bad”. But oh, while the inspiration may lie there, there is nothing gimmicky about Jacky Danny (well, except the name, the clothes, and well I’ll stop myself there).

These are some truly kick pumping falsetto high catchy songs chock full of attitude and a sense of high-flying joy that shows no signs of contempt for themselves or the audience. “You think I have sex with a thousand girls…I’m a fucking God you can never imagine” – it’s hard to pull off a line like this without looking like a total dope, and yet they pull it off some how. It’s a thin line these kids walk, but hell, I don’t think they would want it any other way.

This is how you do old school rock, with complete conviction, integrity intact, and gleeful menace. Keep at em’!

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