On The Scene: Carsick Cars, Mr. Graceless (XP 19.12.2013)


Been on a Maybe Mars binge this past month – the label has been hard at work this year, releasing three album, and preparing for a big 2014, throwing show after show these past two weeks starting with a three-day ‘secret’ showcase of their assets at XP. And though, I got stuck in HK longer than expected, I was able to make it the last night to catch Mr. Graceless and Carsick Cars give their all. Speaking of which, Carsick Cars are prepped and ready with their latest album, 3, and we were lucky enough to hear plenty of new cuts off of that, including this little ditty.

As I stated the other day, Carsick Cars are embracing their pop sensibilities and I’m loving every minute of it. Check out more below, including new material from Mr. Graceless.


Mr. Graceless is a rock band in guise of a boy band, or a boy band in guise as a rock band – not sure which one it is. On one level you have these three adorable young men with sweet voices would write incredibly catchy indie pop. And on the other, you have three scrappy young bros who want to be want to rock out with the best of alternative rock from the good ol’ nineties (don’t even get me started on their closeted post rock image).

They’re great at both – the only problem is when these two mindsets collide – sweet and scrappy don’t mix, and as much as Mr. Graceless would love to have it both ways they can’t. Which is why their latest ‘Hiding Place’ gives me hope –

this babe is sapped in melody and unhinged messy emotion – just listen to that crackle of a voice on Qiu Shuang. Damn.


Continuing with sticking to your guns, Carsick Cars are following the path of pop righteousness and they sound more refined than ever.


And while for most, that might be a sign of a band losing ones edge, but here I feel it’s a sign of the band finding its stride finally, and being comfortable and confident in giving us exactly what we need. And if their newest material is any indication, I’ll all in.


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