On The Scene: 2013 Strawberry Festival Day 1


Everyone at this point has shared their thoughts on the festivals, which went down with all the usual excitement, dread, exhaustion, and moments of pure adrenaline. A chore and a half – between and the rum, barefoot running, mosh circles, and contraband sneaking, pretty much forgot I had a camera hanging off my back. But alas, if you got em, use em. If at least to catch this ditty – one of the first songs I fell in love with here.

Yeah, sue me. In a day full of lonnngg lines, and a deep sense of déjà vu, this was all I needed at the 2013 Strawberry Festival. No shame, no gain. Check below for more from Lure, Da Bang, Monokino, Casino Demon, Joanna Wang, and Life Journey.


Frankly though, this might be my last whorah with Strawberry for some time unless they get their shit together. And well it’s hasn’t directly affected me, as I’ve learned long ago to bring your own shit, at any cost. Strap wine bottles to your ligaments, throw duffle bags over fences, act dumb – all perfectly suitable options. Cause Modern Sky does not have your back and at this rate never will – the crucial difference between Strawberry and MIDI.


As for the tunes, well a mixed bag for sure. I missed the opening post rock bands, Glow Curve and Wang Wen sadly, so I had to settle for hanging out at the main stage for a bit, to catch Lure and Da Bang.


Well not exactly setting the place ablaze, Lure had enough punk spunk to keep things elevated with a slew of catchy tunes.

The setting didn’t exactly suit them, and the sun was laying a beating on everyone, but I think in a dingy run down joint these guys can definitely hold their own.


I still am rooting for Da Bang – sincerely rooting for them. But they might need to go back to the drawing board at this point, cause their music, which works great in mp3 form, does not have the same pizzazz live. Not one bit.

I knew something was amiss when my other half turned to me and said “I think I like this”. Yes, that was a dig at my girl’s taste, bless her pretty heart.


I spent the next hour pretending to be Steve McQueen whilst looking for a spot on the fence where my friend could toss over some supplies to get us through the night. Mission accomplished – we rendezvoused at one of the smaller stages to catch Monokino the electro rock duo outta Europe.

Pretty sexy song there – though I’m almost certain if I stayed any longer I might have thrown my shoe up there to shut that nauesting whine of a singing voice. Good song though.


Things finally started to pick up when Casino Demon came out with their usual no nonsense lighthearted brand of rock and roll.

Love these boys more and more each time – there’s nothing cynical about them. Just tight song writing, versatile yet not in-your-face musicianship, and great stage presence.

I like how they say ‘fuck’ as well. Nothing like a well place ‘fuck’. Fuck.


The place packed up nicely for Joanna Wang, who brought out her motley crowd of ‘laowais for hire’ to accompany her and her often hilarious, crisp, story telling songs.

Folks, if you’re looking to pick up English, listen to some Joanna Wang. Singing about everything from anime-lovers, to remote control fighting, there’s a clarity to her lyrics and voice that I find refreshing


But really, I was here for Life Journey. Escape Plan can shove it when it comes to getting that early Beatles sound down to a pat. Ridiculously catchy, charming as all hell, these young men better be rolling in the likes of females or I’ll scream ‘Bullshit’.

Cue the puppy eyes. Just take my girlfriend already you bastards. “Marry Me’ – subtlety just goes out the window I guess. Geez.


So, yeah that was pretty much it —- lay on a blanket whilst taking in Immanu El’s set. Sigur Ros these guys are not, but gotta give them credit for kicking out some emotionally straining tunes. Though I’m gonna go ahead and give that credit to the massive rasta carrot stick which magically found its way into my fingers. Checked out the electro stage, where no one was DJing, so I spent time scaling a rock about four feet tall; waltzed though the metal stage with all too much ease, and called it a night folks.


You may tempt me once, you may tempt me twice, heck even trice, but it’s time to lay off the Strawberry Kool Aid. Onto MIDI!!!

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