New Releases: Birdstriking, Scorpion Prisoner 69, Prajnasonic

Explore the dark corners of techno with Prajnasonic’s latest, blood curling hard rock out of Shanghai, and the latest indie rock gem from Beijing – new releases from Far Infinity, VU, punx, Scorpion Prisoner 69, and Birdstriking

Birdstriking鸟撞 – Holey Brain头上的洞

Birdstriking, the Beijing noise rockers, soften up on their much anticipated sophomore release, Holey Brain, out on Maybe Mars, showcasing a deeper melodic tension that for the most part, works wonders. While the band’s amplified emotions have always been their strong suit, the way it’s utilized here is vastly different from the band’s hotwire socially conscious debut five years prior. Instead the band seems to be looking inwards, reflecting on their families, nostalgia’s pull, and well, growing up and moving full steam ahead in this new day and age. The band still sneaks in some rapid-fire angst, like on ‘Get Up’ and ‘Blue’ but it’s really on their slower melody based songs like ‘Up to the Sky’ (a true standout) and ‘Feed’ that the band’s feels most like their new selves. And that ain’t a bad thing.



Scorpion Prisoner 69女囚69 – Four Songs of Revenge四部复仇曲

Shanghai-based hard rock trio Scorpion Prisoner 69, made up of some of Shanghai’s most prolific musicians, get down and dirty on their new EP, Four Songs of Revenge. Mostly inspired by cult Japanese women-in-prison exploitation film Female Prisoner 701: Scorpion., it’s four tracks of aggressive, in your face, ‘revenge fantasy’ against corrupt cops, prison wardens, and of course, Bund-centric expats. Heavy, jam loaded with riffs that’lll make your grandmother weep, and a ‘middle finger to the world’ attitude that’ll have to daydreaming your way to solitary confinement in D-block. Righteous.


Far Infinity – Interzone / punx – Transcend / VU – VU (Remastered)

Beijing based alternative techno label Prajnasonic released a trio of releases from their label runners including Far Infinity’s latest EP entitled Interzone, punx’s Transcend, and VU’s RE10. Dark, menacing, and seductive, it’s IDM music that tickles the ears. While Far Infinity’s is a faster paced take on hard techno, punx’s finds solace in the analog spaces between bursts of energy and VU’s remastered has more flourishes of sprawling ambient and minimal techno. It’s a fine collection for those looking to check out the more atmospheric takes on IDM and ‘pure’ techno.




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