New Music: Sound of the Raging Steppe, Night Call, SPIN

Various Artists – Sound of the Raging Steppe 

Hailing from Beijing and Hohhot – two major cities located in northern China that share thousands of years of nomadic history – six Mongolian and Kazakh folk-influenced heavy metal bands have come together to provide a stampede of horseback-heavy sound – weaving an untold story of Chinese history that smashes public stereotypes. That’s a hell of a introduction to the hearty and rousing compilation Sound of the Raging Steppe. Put together by Nature of former Beijing folk metal band Tengger Cavalry (now based in New York) it’s a fine introduction to some of the trailblazers in the genre hat’s taking the world by storm including Tengger Cavalry, Nine Treasures, Suld, Nan, Sintas, and Liberation, each offering a unique spin on the stampeding grassland sound.



Various Artists – Night Call

Babel Records returns with their latest love-struck woozy compilation – a Valentine’s Day mix of sensual, humid and neon-soaked singles from four of the label’s knockout producers including Heeze from Chengdu, allenvave from Nanning, Joy Ginger from Beijing, and Jacob十 (who knows where that cat’s from). With a tipsy dosing of neo-soul and futurepop oozing through the arrangements, the four tracks are the perfect champagne chaser to date night. Punch drunk love rendered through Babel Record’s signature eased and downright sultry groovers.



Various Artists – Spin Presents: Indie Asia Vol 1 

B2 Music has released a compilation with Spin called Indie Asia: Volume One. As the title implies, the 15-track collection features indie artists from countries across Asia, including South Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan, Singapore, Mongolia, India, and China. A well-rounded mix that touches on a variety of genres and scenes from across Asia, from Korean ‘KimchiBilly’ to Bangladeshi beat Boxers. And while the some of the choices on the Chinese (which includes AM444, Dirty Fingers, Banana Monkey, and Aero-Boat) end are a bit dated now (which just goes to show how quickly the scene can change) and is mainly focused in on Shanghai, it’s a great to have these bands represented on a global scale. 



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