MV Weekly: YangJi, Nocturnes

YangJi 养鸡 – 优美加那一哦

Hangzhou singer-songwriter Yang Ji continues reoutfiited her punk roots in atypical and alluring ways on her wildly impressive debut LP – fastening it with a kitsch KTV Anime-pop gloss and tossing it in the blender with bubbly lo-fi style production, seamlessly blurring the line between vulnerability and keen self-awareness. She perhaps at her most unpretentious on the confessionally honest and affectionate single. There’s an innocence to both the song and accompanying music video that’s both quirky and bittersweet – genuine and sincere in a way that never feels honed in. 

Nocturnes 曳取 – Big City View 城市景观 

The atmospheric slick, and immersive indietronica duo Nocturnes, are back with their latest single ‘Big City View’ which conveniently dropped at the time of the band’s return from their first-ever European tour last month, where they played eight dates in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and France over a two week period. A eye-opening and rewarding experience for sure, as an homage to the cities they visited (as well as a loving ode to Beijing itself), the duo put together a lovely little music video tracing their journey and all the entailing shenanigans. 

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