MV Weekly: thruoutin, Wang Shengnan

thruoutin – Nursling Swallow’s Perch 燕儿栖木

thruoutin pays tribute to the bustling Beijing streets in his latest music video. Using several tracking shots following the Beijing based producer back to his home, the track – a dynamic, tender, and enveloping encapsulation of the city filtered through thruoutin’s hallmark kinetic yet fluid and intoxicatingly pungent sensibilities -rides along nicely, offering the perfect audio escort to anyone who’s ever walked these tireless streets before.

Wang Shengnan王胜男 – Second Lover第二恋人

The latest single from Beijing indie pop singer Wang Shengnan follows a love triangle between a boy, and two girls. While follows the two girls in their dreamlike haze, caught in up intimate moments, the relationship between the three players (including a solid cameo by Bedstars drummer Li Fan) remains vague and tinged with sadness. Like the above video by thruoutin, Wang Shengnan also shot the video for ‘Second Lover’ proving she no only has chops behind the mic but behind the camera as well.

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