MV Weekly: South Acid Mimi Dance Team, Dirty Fingers

DIY music video making with two of the hottest bands via Kunming and Shanghai – South Acid Mimi Dance Team and Dirty Fingers give us a inside look at their warped aesthetics.

South Acid Mimi Dance Team南方酸性咪咪 – NUNUDUGU

Three New Zealand girls met three Kunming girls back in 2015 and the result – ‘NUNUDUGU’ – a whacked out, plum wine-filled, yogurt smeared, DIY music video for the Kunming trip hop trio South Acid Mimi Dance Team. Appropriately out there, perverted, and ever so slightly grotesque. Been eagerly anticipating what these ladies will be dishing out next year – let’s hope it’s sooner rather than later.

Dirty Fingers 脏手指 – I Like Your Girlfriend Too 我也喜欢你的女朋友

The rugged ever scrappy Shanghai punk sensations Dirty Fingers keep their DIY aesthetics and ‘fuck all’ attitude with their first MV off their just released album How’d I Turn So Bad. The single and video finds vocalist Guan Xiaotian seeking moral guidance as he confesses his sins to the high priest aka drummer Alex. What from? Well, the shackles of society. But mainly, wanting to take your girlfriend. Shit’s really weighing down on him.

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