MV Weekly: Pumpkins, Mr. Sea Turtle

Pumpkins 小南瓜 – In The Name of Rock and Roll 

Xinxiang punk torchbearers Pumpkins come barreling out of the gates with their newest single ‘In The Name of Rock and Roll’ – a riotous, dirty little piece of work – shot in grainy overexposed lens and edit like a snuff film, it follows (loosely might I add) our paranoid protagonist Du Hang, as the others decked out in raincoats, doctor white coats, and other vile accessories that match the rock and roll lyricism and lifestyle that the band feels compiled (and forced to by its audience) to live out. 

Mr. Sea Turtle 海龟先生– Gui Bo Qi Gong 龟波气功

Enjoy some 8-bit side-scrolling mayhem with Mr. Sea Turtle’s latest reggae-infused jam – Gui Bo Qi Gong. The long-standing Chengdu band enters a parallel universe where an unknown alien species kidnaps and takes the place of record store owner Old Shen. Then after popping on a mysterious record by the name of ‘DaMiHaMiHa’ the Blue Star Gang made up of members of the band rush to the scene to snatch up the rare out-of-print record only to get up in an intergalactic war. Yup, it’s a lot simpler and digestible in 8-bit animated form. 

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