MV Weekly: Macondo, Chinese Football

Macondo – City of Mirrors

Beijing post rock group Macondo are back with the latest opus – a loving ode to the city from which they stem from and all the energy, aggression, and moments of solace that punctuate their lives here. Directed by Nina Diana Dillenz and Gregorio Soravito,  City of Mirrors looks to revert the gaze and sometimes frantic rush we take in from the buildings, cameras, lights, and the ‘multi spaces of contacts, links, navigation, searching, sometimes finding and sharing’ and instead learn how to belong to ourselves once again, whether it be through fight, dance, music, or a glance at someone on a bus. 

Chinese Football – Wake Up Daydreaming 清醒白日梦

Working both as a superb travel diary as well as a sublime music video, Chinese Football’s latest doesn’t need to rely on cheap gimmicks or camera tricks to get it’s point across. Shot by the singer Xu Bo during his adventures in Japan, where he lives, including visits to Hokkaido, Kobe, Kyoto, Ujikawa, and too many more – it’s a scattershot, DIY collage of moments captured on an iPhone. But don’t let that fool you – amidst all the sweeping vistas and slow-mo sun-soaked reflections, the Wuhan emo pop quartet manages to inject these passages with some real emotion heft particularly in the second half when the song picks up along the train ride. What locales can you spot in there? 

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