MV Weekly: Little Monster, Howie Lee, Pact


Now that the sun has finally agreed to come out and the end of days is in fact, not upon us, it’s time to ease back and wash away the filth and grind of our daily lives with the latest trifecta of music videos to gave your eyes a chance to indulge in the latest ear worms shaking up the scene across China (and beyond). Here’s the freshest vids featuring electronica trailblazer Howie Lee, underground hip hop star MC Pact, and up and coming rock n’ blitz duo Little Monster.

According to SmartShanghai (RIP SmartBeijing), Shanghai is cultivating a heck ton of new bands. One that I’m uber psyched on is the ‘fight rock’ duo Little Monster, consisting of drummer Alex (of Dirty Fingers) and guitarist F (of Pairs). That only have a few shoddily recorded demos on their douban page, but sounds right up my alley sonically. Exposing themselves to the scene, the band has taken a slightly different approach. In their words: “tired of the over production in bands videos showing how beautiful, smart, cool, sensitive and genius those bands are or were trying to be…they decided to create a short series to approach the most important process in a band, the rehearsal… showing their mistakes, hits, discoveries and trips on their journey to melt themselves into the music.” Concept win!!! The first episode of the Pailian Sessions for their song ‘Summer Song’ is up online and already the gopro facedives at the four and half minute mark. Love it. Check out their vimeo and facebook for future episodes.

Electronic producer Howie Lee, who has been gaining traction here and aboard for some time now, is dead set on reigning supreme as the Beijing-based artist prepares to unleash his debut LP, MuCheShanChu, this Friday, December 4th off of LA label Alpha Pup. A meticulous producer, Howie Lee is known for mixing Chinese culture flavors and samples amongst trap music stylings, and to prep his fans, he has released a promo video which gives a lil sampler of the album’s forthcoming hits. Looking forward to spinning this one.

Rising underground rapper MC Pact, out of Xi\’an, who first burst onto the scene in 2010 with the hip hop crew NOUS UNDERGROUND, as been working up his solo street cred this past year in preparation for his self-released album IMPACT 1.0-FIGHT 4X. Besides performing alongside giants such as Mobb Depp and Grammy-nominated musician Mayer Hawthrone, and other random activities like presiding over Allen Iverson’s China visit and giving a TED talk, the hard working artist has released a music video for 2014 mixtape single ‘K.I.D.’ Lots of marco closeups of the daily grind of urban life, a few nifty editing tricks, and plenty of swagger courtesy of our MC. Digging it.

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