MV Weekly: AR, Nicola Mazzei

The Fall of the House of Usher 厄舍古厦的倒塌 (1928) -Soundtrack by Nicola Mazzei 的电影配乐 

Nicola Mazzei, known for his work in the Beijing music scene as current bassist for Nekroma (formerly with The Sound Sculpture and Never Before among others), brings his deep skill set over to soundtracking The Fall of the House of Usher – a 1928 short silent horror film adaptation of the story by Edgar Allan Poe, which tells the story of a brother and sister who live under a family curse. Using piano, noise samples, and electronic soundscapes, the artist, as one online comment pointed out ‘matches the eeriness and suspension of the movie nicely’.  Great stuff. 

AR(刘夫阳)– Dangerous 动画歌词版

Up and coming Guangzhou rapper AR (aka Liu Fuyang) joins the ranks of other alternative hip-hop stars who are veering away from their original trap stylings for something more novel and elastic, and his release ‘Campus Fable 校园寓言故事’, which dropped earlier this year, is chock full of edible souther-fried hip-hop bars that float on buoyant charm. The track ‘Dangerous’ gets the animated music video treatment with a lively, whip-fast, bright spray-painted lyric video that revolves around one man’s inability to not be persuaded by the opposite sex.

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