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Music, videos, and promos, oh my! Another weekly roundup of all the moving pictures getting viral action up in the webverse. Here’s the latest visual stimuli from Second Hand Rose, New Perfume, Tengger Cavalry, and Noise and Noise.

I adore Second Hand Rose, simply adore. It’s its own beast – a band that has paved the way for their unique brand of rock n roll and have stuck to it. And when you do that – know what you get – a friggin arena concert at the Workers Gymnasium, complete with giant props, costumes, wires – the whole she-bang. That’s this Saturday – tickets are a bit pricey, but hey, these guys are finally accepting the rock stars they have rightfully become. The MV above is for their hit song, ‘Clingy’, off their latest album, Stealing The Show – it’s a vibrant trip through the sexual politics between man and woman that showcases all he usual SHR tropes – outlandish costumes, props, colors galore, and of course Liang Long in bright red lipstick. Love the old school prewar film vibe. Really tempted to head to the Workers Gymnasium this weekend.

Pitch black electronic saboteur Noise & Noise, has been having quite the year – seems that everyone can’t get enough of the devilishly entertaining trip through his ‘cyborgian vision’. This past weekend he just released his latest EP, entitled Posthumanism, under 87Fei87 Records. Give it a listen over here. A teaser video was released along with features some truly unsettling visuals courtesy of VJ Ink. Long live the New Flesh!

Now for something completely lame – here’s the latest MV from indie pop outfit New Perfume. I remember catching them back on Valentine’s Day a couple years back and being pleasantly surprised (and a bit guilty) – well the poppers have been steadily at it since then and their latest single ‘Goodbye Youth’ has gotten the MV treatment and it’s a fascinatingly ham-fisted piece of work that follows the trail and tribulations of Beijing’s youth in the most clichéd of ways. Love the guy who gets shanked and his grieving friend. Fool me once New Perfume. Fool me once. But hey, he’s wearing the same getup he had back in early 2012 – that I can appreciate.

Cleanse yourself with this piece of pagan metal courtesy of Tengger Cavalry‘Summon The Warrior’ is the latest track off of the Mongolian pagan metal horde’s upcoming album, Ancient Call, from Metal Hell Records, primed to drop on Chinese New Year, because why the hell not. Less an music video than a good old fashion sing-a-long, it’s a nice preview of how the band’s sound is evolving – a lot busier and ripe with new flavors – definitely detecting some middle eastern influences in there. A great video for teaching your students some new vocabulary as well as the timely lesson of awakening the warrior within ya. Can’t wait to see how the rest of the album pans out.


Alrighty – stay tuned for more next week including Nine Treasures latest promo video.

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