MV Monday: The Falling, Stolen, Scare the Children


As if it wasn’t already hot enough, here’s a few more videos to heat up your summer, chock full of mood and atmosphere including MVs from Chengdu electro rockers Stolen, veteran Beijing deathcore outfit The Falling, and up and coming masked metal outfit Scare the Children. Let your eyes do the work and enjoy.

One of Beijing’s hardest hitting deathcore outfit, The Falling, return with a ball busting new single and music video that’s big, brash, and in your face. ‘Between Addiction and Humanity’ is a trailblazer of a song with an intensely atmospheric music video to back it up. With an aesthetic somewhere between Seven and V for Vendetta, with walls filled with gibberish scripture, long vertical flags straight out of 1984, and hooded men with glowing eyes, the band definitely had quite the budget to play with here. And it pays off.

Chengdu electro rockers Stolen continue taking names with their latest music video. ‘No Replay’ the latest single of the band’s debut album, Loop, which we liked quite a bit over here, continues pushing the band’s shadowy technology obsessed aesthetic – with TV’s, static, and some goofy ass action figure making an appearance (is that thing supposed to resemble someone). And subtitles to help us sing along! Which I always appreciate, especially considering this is one of the album’s highlights. Stolen are on a roll this year it looks like — let’s hope there’s a venue left for them when they swing through Beijing.

One of the nicest surprises was swinging by Temple late one night after a show at DDC where I stumbled into a set from new metal outfit Scare the Children. A band one hundred percent committed to their music, going as far as having custom made costumes and sets which are just freakishly awesome. To help set up the band’s backstory, which tells the story of Betsy, a haunted doll, as she passes through the lives of various folks, the band tapped Darryl Pestilence, aka Cool Ghoul to edit together some music videos for the band, the first of which was just released last week. ‘Incipit’ goes deep into the depths of hell that is life using an array of footage – animals decaying, devilish men with pitchforks, and even the cosmos. Can’t wait to see this bad boy displayed on the big screen behind the band.

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