MV Monday: Low Wormwood, Ho-Tom The Conqueror, Zhaoze


Find refuge from those Monday blues with the latest collection of music videos to hit the world wide web including new eye teasers from Lanzhou folk rock legends Low Wormwood, Guangzhou post rock veterans Zhaoze, and Shanghai beat folk artist Ho-Tum the Conquerer.

Lanzhou folk rock heroes Low Wormwood unveiled their latest album Midnight Singer a couple weeks back – word is, they packed the house out and sold out pretty quick. Being the humanists they are, the band gave their title track a proper communal debut at a park along the Yellow River in their valley city hometown. It’s goes to show how down to earth and approachable both the band and their music is – further closing the distance between them and the fans, between them and the people. Love some of the comments from the audience members at the end – its clear they strike a certain chord with folks.

The Horde frontman Ho-Tom the Conqueror has a new piece of beat folk to munch on and it’s pretty tasty. ‘Zombie Love’ dropped last week alongside an accompanying music video and what can I say – it’s simply adorable. Zombiefied references to cinema’s most well-known romances (Love Actually…really?) and a virus that slowly spreads throughout the band, it’s a incredibly cohesive and well put together video, just in time for Halloween but also works perfectly on it’s own. Really digging the use of clarinet here.

Last week I reviewed Zhaoze’s newest album, Yesternight Yes Tonight, a concept album that tells seven different stories transpiring in the urban landscape of the band’s hometown Guangzhou. If that wasn’t enough, the band shot videos for each of the seven songs, in various locations, during the recording process. Most memorable on the rooftop shoots, which make the already epic pieces even more sprawling and plays into the album’s overall theme brilliantly. Again, while the band’s latest album didn’t blow me away, Zhaoze remains one of China’s most invigorating bands out there. Dig into all the videos here.

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