LBM’s Big Ass 2013 Roundup


Was really tempted to wait till the CNY to unload my ‘Best Of 2013’ list, but hell with that. And frankly I longer I wait, the more music that keeps popping back into the membrane. It’s been a strange year for me music-wise, one that threatened to burn me out a few instances. So while I upped the ante on what I could capture, explored some new avenues with the site, and spent way too much time behind this computer, I didn’t get to cut loose as much as I would have liked and ‘learn to stop worrying about the shot and just dig the music’. I’m learning though, I’m learning. As noted by others, all fingers are pointing to an epic Year of the Horse. So without further a due, here’s LBM’s Big Ass 2013 Roundup – which will be updated throughout the week, ending with my 2013 Mixtape. Stay tuned.

Top Shows/Moments

Top Bands

Top Albums

2013 Mixtape 

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