LBM\’s Best of 2012


Another year off the old ticker eh? It’s been a good one. Looking back, it’s amazing how much time has gone by. D-22 bit it. Those wacky crackdowns on foreigners. Did someone new take over up top? Anyone see my Samsung? I spent a lot of the past weeks going through my old posts and the over hundred (and counting) shows I checked out in 2012.

And I love end of year lists. Adore them. The countless hours I’ve sent and still sending on the webz looking at peoples’ picks of the years is getting ridiculous. So I figure why the hell not? While there’s no way I could pit bands and artists up against one another, there were definitely shows, bands, songs, and albums that stood out in my mind. So over the course of the next few days I’ll be posting my top picks of the year.


LBM’s Big End of 2012 List

Performances of the Year

Bands/Artists of the Year

Songs I Got Hooked On (Part 1)

Songs I Got Hooked On (Part 2)

Venues of the Year

– Stay tuned –

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