LBM Offline: Gulou Double Decker Vol. 4 (14.05.2015)


It’s that time of month again – time to laid down your arms and embrace the early weekend with the fourth edition of everyone’s favorite concoction – the Guluo Double Decker – one part smarmy, two parts rancid, and a heck ton of righteous fun. No shame no gain. And you’re gonna like what the boys over at pbr and LBM have cooked up – on Temple’s upend we’ve tapped in the scene’s darker, and more menacing acts including sludge rock stoner outfit Never Before, grunge up and comers Sleep Paralysis, and schizoid techno guitar eardrum twisting duo Fratricide, who destroyed last month opening at DDC. Over in the nether regions of 206 Gulou, Dada welcomes back subcontinental soundscapes of Danish producer HVAD, alongside a DJ set by electronic noise explorer Mengqi, and a MC set from hip hop fanatic Daiwei. Whether you like it or not we’re gonna shake you loose and get you rocking. Bring a spare pair of underwear.


What: Gulou Double Decker Vol. 4

When: Thursday, January 14th

Where: Temple/Dada



Never Before

Sleep Paralysis





MC Daiwei 

DJ LOGA + Maowengweng

School Girl Report

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