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Links abound today with the latest in news coming out, into, nearby China with interview of blues hellraiser Guiguisuisui, Hong Kong record label owner Sean Hocking of Metal Postcard Records, the latest bit of international press for Nine Treasures, and a look at the most recent IFIP Digital Music report on China. Educate yourself fools!!!


Nine Treasures – where have you been? Since playing at the Wacken Festival last year the pagan metal sensations have been seeing accolades from just about every metal media source here and aboard – the latest piece comes from UK magazine Metal Hammer. Need to be subscribed to the magazine to see what all the fuss is about, but if you can stint real good, then just check out the screen caps over at the bands Facebook page. Check up the good press boys and, ummm, come back to Beijing – we miss you guys!


China Music Radar continues getting their feet dirty getting into the ins and outs of the Chinas music industry – their latest piece follows the most recent IFPI Digital Music Report and it’s nice recap of what the digital music landscape looks like in 2014. And while, yes, piracy is still a bitch, what’s most fascinating is services like Baidu looking toward cloud-esque system as a solution to get people to start paying for music. Read more about the report over here.


Last year I had the pleasure of meeting Sean Hockings, the man behind the Hong Kong based label Metal Postcard Records, who kinda like a Robin Hood for small independent artists and bands across the globe. Besides working with some of China’s DIY kings, including Shanghai shit rockers Pairs (RIP), he’s been involved with a variety of bands out of just about every corner of the world. Very cool stuff. South China Morning Post just wrote up an article on him that\’s worth a read. Join their newsletter to get hip to what they\’re up to.


Last, Genjing Records has posted an interview with the one man, bluestown massacre Guiguisuisui, who has just returned from yet another epic Asia tour. He talks about his alter egos, teaching, being the son a blues musician, touring, musical theory, and how DIY is the way to go. It’s all to prep Beijingers for the release of Guiguisuisui’s latest slab of vinyl The Court of King Necro, which will be unleashed this Saturday, September 19th, at XP. Respect.

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