In Pictures: The Harridans (DDC 10.06.2015)


June was a busy month — think I might have managed to sneak in around twenty or so shows. Pretty ridiculous if you ask me. This particular evening was a double header for me. I managed to convince my new student to let me end class early so that I could partake in the Beijing Craft Beer Week, which was unveiling it\’s batch of \’The Beijing Miracle\’ at DDC – a concoction brewed up by the various folks in the craft beer business (verdict: lame). My student, being the eager beaver he is, agreed to join me. Good idea in hindsight. Anywho, we enjoyed our beer as well as \’a corporate set\’ (not my words) from The Harridans, a band that continues to impress and impress. Stone cold killers these cats. Even my wife was getting down with them last weekend, solo mind you, which, believe me, is no small feat. So pictures of the everyone\’s favorite minstrel psych folk rock behemoth; and of people getting dandy, including my student who would continue raging into the night in tow with me, kicking off a series of events which I can only assume will lead to him getting a divorce and losing custody of his kid. But more on that later…




















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