Happy Chinese New Year!!!!!!


While LBM\’s away for the Chinese New Year, we\’ll be making a few changes to the LBM interface and site that I think will please many of you including…

– server will now be based out of Hong Kong so you locals won\’t need a VPN 24/7 to access the site

– a new calendar that\’s easier to use and doesn\’t rely on Google

– a multi language interface (well, we\’ll see about this one but fingers crossed)

– WeChat account so you can get LBM on the go


So please stay put, indulge in LiveBeijingMusic\’s youku and youtube channels, blast our newest Mixcloud mix that features my favorite tracks of January, prepare for the JUE Festival where LBM and pangbianr will throw the opening festivities, and read up on more of LBM\’s picks over at And Of Other Things…..it\’s gonna be a lovely year of the ram!!!!


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