Gig Recap: Rough Trade, Baihu, Sleeping Dogs, Deadly Cradle Death (DDC 2018.08.31)

Live Beijing Music and Subtropical returned to DDC last month to welcome Changchun krautrock outfit Rough Image, a trio of swaggering psychedelic renegades who slow burning encircling guitar-led arrangements were the perfect way to end summer. But that wasn’t all the evening had in store.

Things kicked off with the most people’s first glimpse of Sleeping Dogs, the delightfully buoyant jazz-infused kraut-funk outfit featuring Liu Xinyu and Li Zichao, formerly of Chui Wan and A Bing of Boiled Hippo. Good grooves and an even groovier presence, they’re a fine addition to the scene.

The highlight personally for me, was the return of Deadly Cradle Death, the cult favorite anti-club duo, a bombastic assault on the senses that veers off into the deep end and revels in undertones of hip-hop, drum n bass, and experimental music. Simply put, a heck ton of devilish fun.

Finally, this was my second time catching Baihu this year and they haven’t put in some good work – really digging their direction. A delicate, swizzling of psychedelic melancholy and teasing grooves that’s wistful and sonically alluring. They have some real keepers in their setlist and I’m anxious to hear them in the near future. All in all, a successful evening at DDC and proof that folks are hungry for some new sounds. Respect to everyone who helped out, supported and performed.

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